About Us

Established in 1955, the Cedar Valley Home Builders Association (CVHBA) stands as a cornerstone within the residential building landscape of northeast Iowa. With a comprehensive mandate, our organization serves as a distinguished trade association, representing the entirety of the residential building industry.

Comprising over 70 esteemed member companies, the Cedar Valley Home Builders Association fosters a vibrant community of professionals dedicated to excellence in their craft. Through our unwavering commitment to service, we offer an array of indispensable resources, programs, and legislative advocacy tailored exclusively for our members.

At the heart of our association lies a diverse collective of architects, builders, remodelers, suppliers, manufacturers, developers, and sales and marketing professionals. Together, they exemplify a commitment to delivering quality homes, reliable service, and unparalleled expertise to countless families across northeast Iowa.

Furthermore, our members proudly align themselves with our state and national associations, reinforcing their dedication to industry standards and best practices. As integral members of the Home Builders Association of Iowa and the National Association of Home Builders, CVHBA members exemplify a commitment to excellence that resonates throughout our community and beyond.