What We Do

Advocacy & Lobbying

CVHBA represents the interests of their members by advocating for favorable policies, regulations, and legislation at the local, state, and national levels. They may lobby government officials, participate in public hearings, and collaborate with other stakeholders to influence decision-making processes related to building codes, zoning ordinances, taxation, and other relevant issues.

Education & Training

CVHBA frequently offers educational programs, workshops, seminars, and certification courses to help members stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the construction industry. These initiatives may cover a wide range of topics, including safety protocols, sustainable building practices, legal compliance, business management, and professional development.

Networking & Community Building

HBA provides opportunities for professionals in the construction sector to connect, collaborate, and exchange ideas through networking events, conferences, trade shows, and online platforms. HBA facilitates knowledge sharing, business referrals, mentorship opportunities, and strategic partnerships that can enhance individual careers and contribute to the overall growth and success of the industry.

NAHB Chief Economist Explains Fed’s Interest Rate Approach and Impact

This episode of NAHB’s podcast, Housing Developments, CEO Jim Tobin and SVP Paul Lopez are joined by Chief Economist Dr. Robert Dietz to discuss the Federal Reserve’s decision this week to leave interest rates unchanged, and what the Fed will do in 2024 and beyond and its impact on the housing market.

Careers in Construction Trades

The home building industry offers more than just another job — you can find a rewarding career and earn a great salary. And you don’t need to follow the traditional college path to get there, which means no student loan debt!