The Cedar Valley Home Builder Association established the Hall of Fame Award in 1996 to honor those members who have provided insight, knowledge and elbow grease to move our association forward. They are not members who sat around and discussed ideas and then nothing happened, these are the folks who develop the ideas and then roll up their sleeves to get the hard work done!

  • These are the people who pick up the phone and talk to our legislators.
  • They volunteer to do the hammer and nail work to help others out.
  • They stand behind their work for their customers- whether it’s comfortable or not.

Our past Hall of Fame recipients reads like the Who’s Who of Home Construction in the Cedar Valley!

Hall of Fame Recipients

Award Year
2022Mark Kittrell
2021Bob Manning
2020Mark KochDave MartinsonScott Martinson
2019Jeff Koch
2018Ron KnudsvigGeorge Lansink
2017Don HartingReed Hunemuller
2016Bill KuglerJackie KuglerBruce Radue
2014Joe Griffith
2013Patrick Moore
2012Dave Bartlett
2011Sam Runyan
2010Phil Naughton
2009Wayne Magee
2008Steve JordanRick Young
2007James CrandallSteve Reiter
2006Jim BreckunitchDiana Simon
2005Jerry Eckerman
2004John BeecherRichard Mehmen
2003F. R. DebeDarwin Runyan
2002Don BartlettRobert Benton
2001Ernie DoedenBill Staebell
2000Paul BarnesRichard BrownJerry Martinson
1998Don "Mort" DonleaRichard H. (Dick) Young
1997Wilmar "Mick" BaulerDouglass CarpenterKarl Koch
1996Art BurnsCecil BurnsFloyd EvansHoward GrimmRussell HillBill McIntee